Pastor Tim on his graduation day Connect with Pastor Tim on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or Snapchat

Pastor Tim on his graduation day

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PASTOR Tim Schulte

About Tim

Tim was born and raised in the St. Louis area. Before entering the ministry, he spent several years as a heavy duty truck mechanic, several years as a mechanic with high end exotic cars, and eventually traded the wrenches for a hammer and owned and operated his own residential construction business for 15 years. Tim began his journey into ministry in 1999 as a youth volunteer and then as a youth director at Eureka UMC in 2008. He answered the call to pastoral ministry in 2010 and completed his seminary studies at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary (Evanston, IL) in July 2017. Tim was appointed as the associate pastor at Eureka UMC in 2012 and began serving as the lead pastor in February 2017.

Favorite things about Eureka
Great community spirit, easy access to amazing hiking and mountain biking trails, skiing at Hidden Valley, and the wedding cake at Sarah's Cake Shop.

Sherri, his amazing wife (and high school sweetheart) of 30 years, two wonderful daughters and an awesome son (plus two great sons in law), and two beautiful granddaughters (and counting)!

Favorite activities
Hanging out with family and friends, off road adventures in his Jeep, mountain biking, hiking, stand up paddle boarding, downhill skiing, learning to fly a drone, and travelling.

Anything still on bucket list?
Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, conquering the Rubicon trail in the Jeep, downhill skiing somewhere in the US in May, September, and October; all of the other months have already been checked off of the bucket list!


Sherri Schulte

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Please contact Sherri Schulte via email at 

If you'd like more information about the children and youth ministries, please contact Jenny at

If you'd like more information about the children and youth ministries, please contact Jenny at


Jenny Babb

About Jenny

Jenny has lived in the area her whole life, growing up on a 500 acre farm in Robertsville, MO.  She worked in the direct sales industry until the birth of her daughter in 2008, when she became a stay at home mom.  As a regular attendee of Eureka UMC, Jenny was very excited when a position opened in children/youth ministry this last January.  She officially began her role as Director of Family Ministries on Jan. 17, 2017.

Favorite things about Eureka
Family oriented community, fun events, Joe Boccardi's pizza, and ice cream at Spooners.

Awesome husband of 11 years, David.  Daughter Ella (9), stepdaughter Lauren (18), and stepsons Chris (21) and Adam (25)

Favorite activities
Spending time with family, vegetable gardening, RV-ing, and crafting.

On the bucket list
Taking a RV trip to Yellowstone and Glacier Park, talking my husband into letting us buy chickens

Scott Springman, Praise Team Director

Scott Springman, Praise Team Director


Scott Springman


About Scott

Scott was born in St Louis and raised in Eureka. He has lived in and around the Eureka area his entire life. After graduating from the University of Missouri-St Louis in 2009 with an BA of Arts in English he pursued a career in window tinting. Having retired his tool belt in 2017 he is now working in Eureka in the banking industry. Scott entered ministry in 2009 as Director of the Youth Praise Team at Eureka United Methodist. In 2015 Scott was appointed Praise Team Director for Eureka United Methodist's contemporary service.

Favorite Things About Eureka:
The community in Eureka is amazing. History is rich in the Eureka area. Scott likes O'Dells and Joe Boccardi's.

Scott enjoys playing video games in his free time. His favorite types of video games are role playing games. He is always playing music and learning new instruments...with strings. Scott also likes to go to concerts and has a serious passion for music.. He is an 80's cartoon kid who still likes to watch Transformers and Thundercats! Scott also runs for fun in his free time.

Please contact Scott Springman via email at or cell at 314-560-2990 if you'd like more information about the Praise Team. You can also visit with Scott on Sunday mornings after the worship services.


sean bio.JPG

Sean Stewart

About Sean

Sean was born an Airforce brat and moved on a regular basis before his family finally settled in the St. Louis area in 1988.  He has been taking lessons in various instruments since he was young but discovered but his true passion for singing in 1989 when he joined the St. Louis Children’s Choirs.  Sean continued to sing in various groups through graduation in 1998 from Central Methodist College with a Bachelor’s in Music Education.  After graduation Sean ended up with working in the equipment finance and leasing industry. 

After enrolling 2 of his children in the St. Louis Children’s Choirs, Sean realized that he missed being actively involved in music.  He promptly went out and auditioned for and was accepted into the Ambassadors of Harmony, a gold medal barbershop chorus based in St. Charles, MO. 


Sean has been married to Kim for 21 years (whom he met in the St. Louis Children’s Choirs) and has been blessed with 4 children, Alexandria, Kallista, Liam and Elara.


Going for walks at the Missouri Botanical Garden, reading books and attempting to play any musical instrument he can get his hands on.


I would love to travel as much as possible and can never get enough travel and seeing new sights.  

Please contact Sean Stewart via email at if you'd like more inforamtion about the Chancel Choir.