Eureka United Methodist Church is a connectional church. We, and all other United Methodist Churches are connected and are able to contribute towards thousands of missions and ministries around the world. From instant disaster response through UMCOR to providing clean water in developing countries, the world wide ministries of the United Methodist Churches are making a difference in the lives of families and communities around the world. These world wide ministries are supported by the local church through apportionmented giving. Please view the video below for more information about apportionmented giving and how our extravagant generoisty to the world wide missions of the United Methodist Church is making a huge difference in our global community!    

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E-Giving is a great way to support the ministries of E.U.M.C. You can set up regular giving or make individual gifts to support our ministries. Please visit our website and "CLICK" on the image above to begin your E-Giving experience.




You can complete your online Generosity Pledge Card for 2018 by clicking the link below:

2018 Ministry Budget

Our Ministry Budget is built around our 5 Core Practices:


  1. Radical Hospitality
  2. Passionate Worship
  3. Intentional Faith Development
  4. Risk-taking Missions
  5. Extravagant Generosity


We also include Support Ministries, such as - Facilities and Property, Insurance, Utilities, and other things we need to put our Vision, Mission, and Practices into action. 


Our total Budget for 2017 is:


You can give towards the ministries and missions of EUMC every time you place an order through Amazon. Click on the image to choose Eureka UMC as your charity through Amazon Smile.