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Making Change:Life in Transition Sermon Series

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”  Heraclitus 

Life is full of changes. Some we expect, others that may come unexpectedly. Some of our families are experiencing changes in their lives with the birth of a new child, a young child who will begin school in the Fall, or an older child who will be leaving for college at the end of summer. Some families may transitioning to being 'empty-nesters', and still other families are facing the realities of seeing their spouse or parent(s) struggle with Alzheimer's or dementia. This series will examine the realities of making these changes and life transitions through the lens of God's Word and wisdom.

June 3 "Preparation" *Communion and Baptism Sunday

June 10 "Why This Church?" *This will include three powerful testimonies from members and friends of our congregation

June 17 "Off Balance"

June 24 "Knowing the Unknown"

July 1 "On the Horizon" *Communion Sunday

July 8 "Investing in Future Generations"


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