As a Greeter, your duties are as follows:  
Arrive 15 minutes prior to worship at your assigned door.  The greeting times currently are 9:30-9:45am.  We have three doors that we cover – Commons Area (Upstairs), 2nd Street Atrium (Downstairs) and Central Ave (Sanctuary), in addition to a floater in each of the parking lots.  A Greeter should remain until 5 minutes after worship time begins.  We would also like to have the greeters cover the doors after service ends for about 5-10 minutes as well.

Please wear your name badge so people can get to know you as you welcome them to church.  If you currently do not have a name badge, please let the volunteer coordinator know and we will get one made for you.

Greet people with a SMILE and Welcome to Eureka United Methodist or Good Morning, etc.
We understand schedules change so please let us know if you need to swap dates or times. You can also use the SignUpGenius volunteer lists to adjust your dates when needed. (These can be searched for under '' on SignUpGenius site or via the link on the Volunteer page on our website.

Get familiar with people as they come in through your doors. Most people will come in the same doors each week.

Know where the restroom, drinking fountains, Nursery, JAM area and Sanctuary doors are located.  When needed, escort new visitors to the appropriate places.  You could also ask another greeter/church member to cover your door or show the visitor to the appropriate area.

If you would like more detailed information, you can reach out to Lisa Koltun at, sign up via the Volunteer Sign up sheet and someone will contact you, or speak to one of the current greeter volunteers.  We look forward to you joining the team!


As a Head Greeter, your duties are as follows:
Coordinate the greeting schedule via SignUpGenius and send emails to the current volunteer group when the sign up sheet is ready.  Monitor the sign up sheet to verify there is coverage each week.
Remind team members when it is their week to serve – via email, call or text message.   It seems to work out best when the reminder comes from a known personal contact email address, as the signupgenius emails tend to get lost in the shuffle.

Contact new greeters when they sign up and verify that they have a name badge.  Help new team members with process and answer any questions they might have.  (Volunteer with them their first weekend so they are comfortable with the process.)

Keep an up to date roster, calendar and update the calendar website.
Notify the Pastors when new team members need to be recruited.

Lead by example and step in to greet when needed.


As a Host/Hostess for the Refreshment table, you will be responsible for brewing the coffee, setting out tea, juice/beverages, hot coco and providing refreshments for Sunday morning. There are two shifts for Host/Hostess.  The first shift is responsible for setup and maintenance of the refreshment/coffee tables and runs from 8:00am - 9:30am.  The second shift is responsible for the maintenance and tear down of the refreshment/coffee tables and runs from 9:20am - 11:10am.    If you would like more detailed information, you can reach out to Jennifer O'Connor at, sign up via the Volunteer Sign up sheet and someone will contact you, or speak to one of the current hospitality volunteers.  We look forward to you joining the team!


Volunteer Opportunities at Mission dinners held 3rd Monday of every month in Fellowship Hall of Eureka United Methodist Church. Come be a part of this mission ministry!

Volunteer #              Duty/Task Description                                                                                        

5 needed                   Food Preparation 3:00-7:00 (Cook and prepare food for serving)

4-5 needed               Serving Food 5:15-7:00 (Serving the plates for our guests and then help make
                                    TO GO boxes, clean up serving table)

3 needed                   TO GO Orders 5:40-7:00 (Assist guests with takeout orders, make TO GO
                                    boxes, bag the meals)

5 needed                   Dining Room 5:15-7:15 (Make drinks, serve drinks, clear tables, help guests,
                                    visit, clean up, take down tables and chairs, put extra food away, etc.)

2 needed                   Serve Desserts 4:45-7:15 (Cut and plate desserts, clean up, package leftovers)

2 needed                   Dining Room Cleanup 6:45-7:30 (wipe down and remove table clothes, take
                                    down tables and chairs, take out trash, etc.)

3 needed                   Kitchen Cleanup 6:00-7:30 (Put away extra food and supplies, wash and dry
                                    pots, trays, dishes, wipe down counters, etc.)

1 needed                   Sweeping/Mopping Cleanup 7:15-8:15 (Sweep and mop fellowship hall and

4-6 needed                Goodwill Ambassadors 5:30-6:30 (Sit and visit with our guests and get to know
                                    them, make them feel welcome) 

@ 20 dishes             Dessert donations needed – (each dish @12-15 servings each)

Sign up at the Connections table at the Welcome Desk or contact Susan via for more detailed information..

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